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Welcome to Let's Go Canine - Greater Lawrence MA Dog Daycare

At Let's Go Canine, it's always canine funtime at our greater Lawrence Dog Daycare! We offer crate-free all day playtime for your dog. Our dog greater Lawrence MA daycare facility is conveniently located in Haverhill and has both an indoor and outdoor free range play area for your dog. Dogs LOVE coming to Let's Go Canine!

We Now Offer Dog Pick & Delivery to our Greater Lawrence Dog Daycare Customers!

Looking for a Dog Daycare in Lawrence MA?

Let's Go Canine Has Got You Covered!

Any Time is Funtime!

Effective Fall of 2020, we've consolidated our dog daycare services to our centrally located Haverhill MA dog daycare campus.  

We now offer dog pickup and delivery to all our greater Lawrence, Andover, and N. Andover clients in our State-of-the-art DogMobile

Advanced reservations are never required, however reservations are suggested to ensure availability. Let’s Go Canine maintains a strict canine to pack leader ratio for the safety of all guests. You'll soon see why dogs (and their owners) love Let's Go Canine Dog Daycare! 




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Your Dog Deserves...

Quality of Pack
Mate Over Quantity

Day of Play

Supervised Play

Loving Staff
Finding the WOW
in Your Dog!

Comfort & Safety

🐶 Turf-covered Outdoor Play Yard. No Rocks, Mulch, or Parasitic Mud Puddles

🐶 Covered Outdoor Play Yard for Those Inclement Weather days

🐶 Impact Absorbent slip-resistant flooring to help reduce stress on hips and joints


Dogs require exercise, socialization, and mental stimulation on a regular basis. Do you have a high energy dog? Does your dog experience separation anxiety, or destructive behavior? Does your dog require more exercise than you can provide or is your dog home alone all day everyday while you are at work? No doubt, your dog would benefit by enrolling in our daycare program playing with friends.


We love all animals! Our services are limited to canines and we welcome all breeds/and special conditions. Manners are a must at Let's Go Canine. All dogs must pass a free half day behavior evaluation to ensure safety and compatibility of all playmates. Good mannered dogs are welcome back. 

Our Hours:                         
Monday - Friday
6:30 AM - 6:30 PM

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Who's Here?
Your furry friend is in the very best of hands. Our canine Pack Leaders are the best of the best. 

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