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The Let's Go Canine Story

When you leave your pup in the hands of others you should know what they’re about.

Almost ten years ago, we were one of only a few dog daycares in our area. We were operating Canine Funtime, a high volume facility. This is where our current tag line “Always Canine Funtime” came from. We were highly acclaimed for pioneering the first ever indoor dog park on the east coast and one of the largest dog daycares in the northeast.

Although a personal accomplishment, through this experience we recognized the downfalls of the high volume dog daycare facility. This stemmed from concerns associated with the high volume of dogs required for sustainability, and the potential need to overlook behavior quality. This compromised overall safety. The decision as responsible dog lovers was simple: move on from a volume based concept and focus on safety and initiate a quality of pack mate verses quantity concept. Less is indeed best.

Over the last seven years, and with the devotion of an extraordinary team of pack leaders, we have done just that! We operate Let’s Go Canine as a low volume, truly personalized, enriching environment that all pups deserve. Today, we have expanded into multiple successful low volume locations.

There are now more volume-based daycares operating in our area than ever before. Although a large facility may look appealing at first glance, and seem to have more space, they also need more dogs. Having firsthand experience with this high-volume concept, we often wonder how many dogs not suitable for dog daycare are mixed into these high-volume daycare programs.

We will never compromise safety by a becoming high-volume dog daycare facility.

We are comprised of truly caring, compassionate and experienced animal lovers with a passion above all for the well-being and safety of the dogs in our care!

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